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  Phone: 248-430-4980
775 E. 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI map          Hours:    Mon: 11:30 - 9pm       Tue- Fri: 11:30 - 11pm       Sat: 11:30 - 9pm       Sun: Noon - 6pm
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    GOB Retail is located in Clawson, along the border between Oakland and Maccomb counties in the state of Michigan. A near northern suburb of Detroit. The store is in near proximity to the cities of Royal Oak, Warren, Hazel Park, Madison Heights, Troy, Sterling Heights, Ferndale, Detroit and Berkley and reasonable drive from numerouns other communities, including Southfield, Rochester Hills, Rochester, St. Clair Shores, Roseville, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Township, Clinton Township, Shelby Township, Utica, East Pointe, Beverly Hills, Birmingham,Pontiac, Oak Park and Waterford. The store is just 1 mile east off of I-75, which makes it easily accessible from further out via connections with I-696, I-96 and M59.

    GOB Retail carries all the major brands and likely a bunch you have never heard of as well. Here are just a few:

    Wizards of the Coast, Axis & Allies, House on the Haunted Hill, Robo Rally    Fantasy Flight Games, Arkham Horror, Netrunner, Talisman, Star Wars X-Wing, Elder Sign, Elderitch Horror    Paizo, Pathfinder, Adventure Path, Flip-Mat    Steve Jackson Games, Gurps, Munchkin, Zombie Dice    Privateer Press, Warmachine, Hordes, High Command, Cygnar, Menoth, Cryx, Scyrah, Khador, Mercenaries, Minions, Convergence of Cyriss, Trollblood, Everblight, Orboros    Mage Knight, Heroclix, Attack Wing    Magic the Gathering, Commander, Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, singles, Event Deck, Intro Deck, Fat Pack, Booster    Dominion, Rio Grande Games, Power Grid, Race For Tge Galaxy, Caylus, Lost Cities    Dunegons & Dragons, D&D, 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 3.5 edition, 4th edition, d&d Next    Settlers of Catan, Nuns on the Run, Empire Builder, Euro Rails    Pokemon Trading Card Game, Nintendo    Ticket to Ride, Small World, Relic Runners, Days of Wonder    Twilight Struggle, GMT Games, Dominant Species, Fading Glory, Clash of Monarchs, No Retreat, Washington    AEG, Alderac, Legend of the Five Rings, Smash Up, Love Letter    Zman Games, Terra Mystica, Carcassonne, Stone Age, Robinson Carusso    Asmodee Editions, City of Horrors, Timeline, Seasons, Mr. Jack    White Wolf, World of Darkness, Vampire, Mage, Hunter    Looney Labs, Fluxx, Chrononauts, Pyramids    Yu-Gi-Oh, Konami    dice, dice bag, game mat, figure case    Guild of Blades Publishing, Empires of History, Dark Realms, Heroes Forever, Grunt    Gamewright, Forbidden Desert, Forbidden Island, Story Cubes, Who Would Win    Titan, Space Cadets, Lost Temple, Core Worlds, Milestones, Survive    Card Sleeves, Deck Boxes    Card Sleeves, Deck Boxes, Deck Vaults, Play Mats    Queen Games, Kingdom Builder, Alhambra, Escape, Lancaster, Shogun    Decision Games, Folio    Worthington Games, Band of Brothers, Guns of August, Guns of Galicia, Hold the Line    Palladium Books, Rifts, Robotech    Illeo, King of Tokyo, Titanium Wars    Marvel, Avengers, Spider-man, Thor, X-Men, Wolverine, Iron Man    DC Comics, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern    Tasty Minstrel Games, Belfort, Eminent Domain, Ground Floor    Atlas Games, Gloom, Once Upon a Time    Game Salute    Eagle Games, Age of Steam, Defenders of the Realm, Through the Ages    Osprey Publishing, Historical, Books, Guides    Castle, DC Deck Building, Lord of the Rings    Japanime Games, Krosmaster Arena, Kanzume Goddess    Flash Point Fire Rescue, Resistance, Indie Board and Card    Zombicide    Fate, Spirit of the Century, Fate Dice    Call of Cthulhu, Chaosium    Dark Horse Comics    walking dead, IDW    Dream Pod 9, Heavy Gear    Hero Games, Champions, Hero System    Minion Games, Hegemonic, Manhattan Project    Ape Games, Advanced Primate, Order of the Stick, Duck Duck Go, Kill the Overlord    Twilight Creations, Zombies    Arcane Wonders, Mage Wars    Ares Games, War of the Ring    Plaid Hat Games, Mice & Mystics, Bioshock, Summoner Wars    Battletech, Classic Battletech, Iron Wind Metals, Catalyst Game Labs, Mech    Shadowrun, Catalyst Game Labs   

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    Past 30 days News

    Warhammer 40k: Core Rules Book 8th Ed are back in stock today.
    Thu Jul 20, 2017 16:40 PM

    Wed Jul 19, 2017 17:48 PM
    Highlights :

    All New Guardians of the Galaxy no. 6 (2017 Series)
    America no. 5 (2017 Series)
    Astonishing X-Men no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Batman no. 27 (2016 Series)
    Batwoman no. 5 (2017 Series)
    Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again no. 2 (2017 Series)
    Doctor Strange no. 23 (2015 Series)
    Green Arrow no. 27 (2016 Series)
    Harley Quinn no. 24 (2016 Series)
    I Hate Fairyland no. 14 (2015 Series) (MR)
    Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man no. 2 (2017 Series)
    Poe Dameron no. 17 (2016 Series)
    Royals no. 5 (2017 Series)
    Secret Empire no. 6 (6 of 9) (2017 Series)
    Star Wars: Darth Maul no. 5 (5 of 5) (2017 Series)
    Super Sons no. 6 (2017 Series)
    Superman no. 27 (2016 Series)
    The Simpsons no. 240 (1993 Series)
    Trinity no. 11 (2016 Series)
    X-Men: Gold no. 8 (2017 Series)


    Trump Vs Time Lincoln no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Miraculous Adventures no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Sisters of Sorrow no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Bettie Page no. 1 (2017 Series)
    James Bond: Kill Chain no. 1 (1 of 6) (2017 Series)
    Batman 66 Meets the Legion of Superheroes no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Ducktales no. 0 (2017 Series)
    Korgi Short Tales no. 1 (2017 Series)
    ROM Vs Transformers no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Time and Vine no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Generation Gone no. 1 (2017 Series) (MR)
    Lazarus X Plus 66 no. 1 (1 of 6) (2017 Series) (MR)
    Moonstruck no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Catalyst Prime: Superb no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Astonishing X-Men no. 1 (2017 Series)

    Stop in and pick up your new comic books today.
    or Get them online Local pick up :

    New CODEX: Space Marines HC Available for Pre-order PLUS
    Tue Jul 18, 2017 19:25 PM
    Warhammer Players,

    New CODEX: Space Marines HC is on Pre-order PLUS Program.
    Book will be in the store on Saturday July 29th. Pre-order and get FULL Benefits of PRE-ORDER PLUS Today.

    Stop in the store to pre-order or pre-order online here :

    Sun Jul 16, 2017 09:32 AM
    Games, Systems just ADDED new inventory !!

    PLUS SPECIAL PROMOTION in the store :
    - Buy 2 GET 1 FREE on used video games
    - Get Free $10 game or under when purchase any game system.

    Invitation to Join Miniature Players Meetups Groups
    Sat Jul 15, 2017 16:56 PM
    Greetings Miniature Players,

    Facebook group is a very useful tool for gamers use to communicate and coordinate gaming get-togethers, so we have created Miniatures Gaming Groups for players looking to organize for gaming at GOB.

    Please join and feel free to add your friends to the groups.

    GOB Warhammer Players Meetups
    Join here :

    GOB X-Wing, Armada, Attack Wing Players Meetups
    Join here :

    Warmachine Players Meetups
    Our customers have created this get-together and play group.
    Join here :

    GOB Warhammer, Warmachine, X-Wing Pre Order Facebook Group
    Join here :

    GOB Retail - Michigan's Largest Game and Comic Store

    Game Cube, Playstation 2, Super Nintendo Systems, Games
    Sat Jul 15, 2017 12:58 PM
    New Inventory just ADDED !

    Hour of Devastation Pre-release Kit - $26.95
    Fri Jul 14, 2017 09:54 AM
    Magic Players,

    If you missed the pre-release events past weekend - and looking to get Pre-release kit. Limited quantities remaining Available.

    Get them in the store $26.95 ea today or online here :

    NEW Star Wars: X-Wing Ships This week
    Thu Jul 13, 2017 00:56 AM
    NEW Star Wars: X-Wing Miniature Game This week. In stock and Available Today.
    - Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game: Auzituck Gunship Expansion
    - Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game: H-6 Bomber Expansion
    - Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game: TIE Aggressor Expansion Pack

    Get them in the store or online local pick up here :

    118 NEW Comics Arrived This week Plus Back Issues
    Wed Jul 12, 2017 16:45 PM
    Highlights :

    Action Comics no. 983 (1938 Series)
    American Gods: Shadows no. 5 (2017 Series)
    Darth Vader no. 3 (2017 Series)
    Deadpool no. 33 (2015 Series)
    Defenders no. 3 (2017 Series)
    Divided States of Hysteria no. 2 (2017 Series) (MR)
    Edge of Venomverse no. 2 (2 of 5) (2017 Series)
    Eternal Empire no. 3 (2017 Series)
    Generation X no. 4 (2017 Series)
    Jean Grey no. 4 (2017 Series)
    Justice League of America no. 10 (2017 Series)
    Old Man Logan no. 26 (2016 Series)
    Rocket no. 3 (2017 Series)
    Spider-Men II no. 1 (1 of 5) (2017 Series)
    Star Wars: Doctor Aphra no. 9 (2016 Series)
    Suicide Squad no. 21 (2016 Series)
    Unbeatable Squirrel Girl no. 22 (2015 2nd Series)
    Venom no. 152 (2016 Series)
    Weapon X no. 5 (2017 Series)
    Wonder Woman no. 26 (2016 Series)
    X-Men: Blue no. 7 (2017 Series)
    Youngblood no. 3 (2017 Series)
    Zombies Assemble no. 0 (0 of 4) (2017 Series)

    See them ALL in the store or online here :

    Back Issues Comics - Daily ADDED !
    Mon Jul 10, 2017 14:10 PM
    Comic readers and collectors,
    Check out back issues comics in the store. Daily ADDED !

    In the store and online Available !

    Sun Jul 09, 2017 13:14 PM
    Bring your used video games, game systems to trade in or for $$ CASH today PLUS you will get EXTRA 20% More from whatever option you choose !

    Start here :

    Get FREE Game $10 or Under with your Game System Purchase !
    Sat Jul 08, 2017 10:03 AM
    Get FREE Game $10 or Under with your Game System Purchase !
    Available in the store today. Applied to all video game systems purchases. Don't miss this SPECIAL PROMOTION.

    See your games, systems in stock in the store or online here :

    Star Trek Attack Wing Ships Restocked.
    Fri Jul 07, 2017 18:13 PM
    Ships restocked in the store today.

    Pre-order PLUS Promotion for Hour of Devastation Ending this Sunday July 9th.
    Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:12 AM
    Pre-order PLUS Promotion for Hour of Devastation Ending this Sunday July 9th.
    - You get DOUBLE Reward Points in Pre-order PLUS program
    More SPECIAL on Booster Boxes :
    - Get $40 in Magic Singles with each box pre-ordered or $45 / box when pre-order 2 boxes or more.
    - The Hour of Devastation Buy a Box Promo Card
    - Double GOB Rewards Points
    - Guarantee your booster boxes on release day

    Pre-order plus in the store or online here :

    Get FREE Zombicide Promo Homer Figure
    Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:02 AM
    Get FREE Promo Figure Homer when Purchase any zombicide base set @ GOB.
    - Zombicide
    - Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak
    - Zombicide: Season 3: Rue Morgue
    - Zombicide: Black Plague

    See all Zombicide game line here :

    Hour of Devastation Pre-release This Weekend
    Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:28 AM
    Hour of Devastation Kits, Planeswalker decks, Boosters - had arrived for the Pre-release weekend. EXTRA $50 Store credits for Singles added to the winner each event and ALL Players will get one EXTRA Booster !! Don't miss.

    Get your ticket in the store or online here today :

    Wed Jul 05, 2017 20:12 PM
    All New Guardians of the Galaxy no. 5 (2017 Series)
    Amory Wars: Good Apollo no. 4 (4 of 12) (2017 Series) (MR)
    Bane: Conquest no. 3 (3 of 12) (2017 Series)
    Batman no. 26 (2016 Series)
    Black Bolt no. 3 (2017 Series)
    Cyborg no. 14 (2016 Series)
    Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe Again no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Deathstroke no. 21 (2016 Series)
    Green Arrow no. 26 (2016 Series)
    GWAR: Orgasmageddon no. 2 (2 of 4) (2017 Series) (MR)
    Harley Quinn no. 23 (2016 Series)
    Hawkeye no. 8 (2016 Series)
    Iron Fist no. 5 (2017 Series)
    Rat Queens no. 4 (2017 Series)
    Seven to Eternity no. 7 (2016 Series)
    Spider-Man Deadpool no. 19 (2016 Series)
    Star Wars no. 33 (2015 Series)
    Star Wars: Rogue One no. 4 (4 of 6) (2017 Series)
    Superman no. 26 (2016 Series)
    The Walking Dead no. 169 (2003 Series)
    The Wicked and The Divine no. 29 (2014 Series) (MR)
    X-Men: Gold no. 7 (2017 Series)
    and more.

    Stop in or get them online with local pick up here :

    GET FREE Three of any Citadel Paints with Dark Imperium Box Set Purchase
    Tue Jul 04, 2017 12:41 PM
    Warhammer 40k Players,

    This week don't miss our SPECIAL PROMOTION. Buy Dark Imperium Boxed set, you get FREE Three of Citadel paints and a GOB Custom Dice Bag go with your purchase. Promotion is running today through Sunday July 9th.

    Stop in the store or buy online with local pick up here :

    Get ticket for Dungeons and Dragons Summer Camp
    Tue Jul 04, 2017 11:41 AM
    Get details and ticket here :

    Dungeons and Dragons Summer Camp @ GOB
    Mon Jul 03, 2017 13:03 PM

    We are excited to announce a new opportunity for our younger role-players to have fun playing Dungeons and Dragons this summer. GOB will be hosting two D&D Summer Camps this summer. Here is the key info.

    1) The two groups will be separated by age:
    Older Players - Ages 14-18 (Group A)
    Younger Players - Ages 8-13 (Group B)
    Age restrictions for these groups will be strictly enforced.

    2) Summer Camps will be running the following days:

    Group A
    Wednesday, July 19th 1-5pm
    Wednesday, August 2nd 1-5pm
    Wednesday, August 9th 1-5pm
    Wednesday, August 16th 1-5pm

    Group B
    Thursday, July 20th 1-5pm
    Thursday, August 3rd 1-5pm
    Thursday, August 10th 1-5pm
    Thursday, August 17th 1-5pm

    3) Our D&D summer groups will be run and supervised by GOB staff, with our staff being the Dungeon Masters and run in our open game room.

    4) Players groups will be 4-8 players in size. They will be a 4 week campaign. Starting at level 1 and ideal for new players.

    5) Cost to attend will be a one time fee of $60.

    6) Each players will be given a set of Polyhedral dice to play and keep and all necessary character sheets.

    7) As a general rule, we request children under the age of 12 to accompanied by an adult when in the store. This will not be necessary for kids playing in the summer camp, but we will require a phone contact for parents.

    8) Parents are welcome to hang out in our game room, maybe play some other games, but the D&D groups are strictly for persons for the stated ages. If you would like a chance to join a group with your siblings, we have games running every Wednesday and they are open to all ages.

    We are accepting reservations for summer camp now. You can make your reservations in store or at the link below. If making a reservation online, please make sure to state the child's name and age. On the first day of the event, if you signed up online, we'll need to see a school ID or some other form on ID so we can insure they are joining the appropriate age group.

    Buy the ticket here :

    Happy Gaming,

    GOB Retail - Michigan's Largest Game and Comic Store

    Happy Birthday and Special Thanks from GOB
    Sat Jul 01, 2017 08:57 AM
    Happy Birthday to ALL who have Birthday in July.

    During the 14 days surrounding your birthday. 7 days before and 7 days after your birthday, any games, comics, graphic novels, video games, gift and decors and other merchandise you purchase @ GOB, you will earn Double GOB Reward Points. This special includes your friends, family or love ones who buy using your GOB Reward card getting double points as well.

    Don't forget to update your birthday on your game reward profile.

    PS2, XBOX, XBOX 360, DS Games - New Inventory Just ADDED !
    Fri Jun 30, 2017 14:18 PM

    PS 3 Games - Just Added !
    Fri Jun 30, 2017 14:11 PM
    Plus BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Promotion in the store.

    Three Days Only - $26 / event for Magic Pre-release
    Fri Jun 30, 2017 09:02 AM
    Three Days Only - $26 / event
    Get SPECIAL PRICE $26 / event for Next weekend Hour of Devastation Pre-release events @ GOB.

    Pre-register in the store or online to get this price :

    Don't miss !!

    Wed Jun 28, 2017 19:37 PM
    Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah: Ryssovass Defenders 35079
    Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah: Hemera Character Heavy Warjack 35081
    Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah: House Shyeel Arcanists 35083
    Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah: Fane Knight Guardian 35084
    Warmachine: Retribution of Scyrah: Lord Gyrrshyld the Forgiven 35087

    See all new arrivals here :

    Pathfinder Role Playing Books - NEW RELEASES THIS WEEK
    Wed Jun 28, 2017 19:28 PM
    Pathfinder: Adventure Path: Ironfang Invasion: Prisoners of the Blight
    Pathfinder: Campaign Setting: Aquatic Adventures
    Pathfinder: Player Companion: Adventurers Armory 2
    Pathfinder: Map Pack: Ruined Village

    Star Wars Destiny: Awakenings Booster Packs are Back in stock Today.
    Wed Jun 28, 2017 19:04 PM
    With Limited supplies so Limit 6 booster packs / person / day.

    Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:02 PM
    Batman Beyond Volume 1: Escaping The Grave TP
    A.D.: After Death HC, Thanos Volume 1: Thanos Returns TP
    Batman Deluxe HC (Azzarello and Risso)
    Action Comics: Volume 1 Deluxe HC
    Wonder Woman 100 Project TP
    Doctor Strange: Volume 2: Last Days of Magic TP
    Spider-Man: Webspinners Complete Collection TP

    Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:42 AM
    Action Comics no. 982 (1938 Series)
    Amazing Spider-Man no. 29 (2015 Series)
    Batgirl no. 12 (2016 Series)
    Batman 66 Meets Wonder Woman 77 no. 6 (6 of 6) (2017 Series)
    Batman and The Shadow no. 3 (3 of 6) (2017 Series)
    Batman Beyond no. 9 (2016 Series)
    Cable no. 2 (2017 Series)
    Deadpool vs The Punisher no. 5 (5 of 5) (2017 Series)
    Edge of Venomverse no. 1 (1 of 5) (2017 Series)
    I Am Groot no. 2 (2017 Series)
    Jean Grey no. 3 (2017 Series)
    Justice League of America no. 9 (2017 Series)
    Poe Dameron no. 16 (2016 Series)
    Redneck no. 3 (2017 Series) (MR)
    Rick and Morty no. 27 (2015 Series)
    Saga no. 44 (2012 Series) (MR)
    Secret Empire no. 5 (5 of 9) (2017 Series)
    Spawn no. 275 (1992 Series)
    Star Wars: Doctor Aphra no. 8 (2016 Series)
    Suicide Squad no. 20 (2016 Series)
    Teen Titans no. 9 (2016 Series)
    Wayward no. 21 (2014 Series) (MR)
    Wonder Woman no. 25 (2016 Series)
    X-Men: Blue no. 6 (2017 Series)
    X-O Manowar no. 4 (2017 Series)

    COMIC NO 1s :
    Scrimshaw no. 1 (2017 Series) (MR)
    Beautiful Canvas no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Blood Brothers no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Bankshot no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Batman Elmer Fudd no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Jem and The Holograms: Infinite no. 1 (1 of 3) (2017 Series)
    Kull Eternal no. 1 (2017 Series)
    Softball no. 1 (2017 Series)
    All New Guardians of the Galaxy Annual no. 1 (2017 Series)

    See them online here :

    Dungeons and Dragons Pre-painted Mini - just $2.95 ea
    Tue Jun 27, 2017 19:45 PM
    Role Players, Don't miss this collection !!

    Magic Open House - July 1st 4pm
    Tue Jun 27, 2017 08:30 AM
    July 1st - Magic Open House @ GOB 4PM.
    Free Event. A good chance to learn magic. All players will get Welcome Deck and A Premium foil full-art Hour of Devastation Basic Land. Bring your friends.

    Get $40 / $45 Store Credit on PRE-ORDER PLUS Hour of Devastation Booster Box.
    Mon Jun 26, 2017 10:40 AM
    You get $40 / $45 Store Credit for Singles when you PRE-ORDER PLUS Hour of Devastation Booster Box.

    Pre-order in the store or online here :

    Pre-register Hour of Devastation Pre-release - DISCOUNTED PRICE $26 / Event
    Mon Jun 26, 2017 09:28 AM
    Magic Players,
    Don't miss our Pre-registration for Hour of Devastation Pre-release events. You Save $4 each seat !!
    With BONUS $15 Store Credit and Play mat.

    Reserve your seats today in the store or online here :

    Mon Jun 26, 2017 09:26 AM

    Come help us to clear more shelves for up-coming new releases graphic novel books.
    Applied to all USED - Trade paperbacks, Hard Covers, Manga, Collector Editions.

    ** All used will be marked as 'USED' on the price tag. **

    Stop in the store and get books you looking for. Over 2000 books for USED are in stock !!

    See them online here :

    Citadel Battle Figure Case is now available in the store
    Sat Jun 24, 2017 09:18 AM
    Along with Paints, Brushes, Sculpting tool sets, Drills, Knifes, Mouldline Removers !

    LAST 2 DAYS - to Get $50 Store Credit for Magic Singles
    Sat Jun 24, 2017 08:20 AM
    LAST 2 DAYS - to Get $50 Store Credit for Magic Singles on your NEW COMING Magic the Gathering: Hour of Devastation booster box.

    Pre-order in the store or online here :

    Wed Jun 21, 2017 13:18 PM
    Highlights :

    Warhammer 40k: Volume 1: Will of Iron TP (MR)
    Space Riders: Volume 1 HC
    Harley Quinn: Volume 2: Joker Loves Harley TP
    New Superman: Volume 1: Made in China TP
    Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes: Volume 1 HC
    Leaning Girl TP
    Transformers: Optimus Prime: Volume 1 TP
    Avengers Unleashed: Kang War One: Volume 1 TP
    Star Lord: Volume 1: Grounded TP
    Poe Dameron: Volume 2: The Gathering Storm TP

    Get them in the store or online here :

    Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:43 PM
    Highlights :

    All New Guardians of the Galaxy no. 4 (2017 Series)
    All Star Batman no. 11 (2016 Series)
    America no. 4 (2017 Series)
    Batman no. 25 (2016 Series)
    Batwoman no. 4 (2017 Series)
    Captain America: Steve Rogers no. 18 (2016 Series)
    Darth Vader no. 2 (2017 Series)
    Doctor Strange no. 22 (2015 Series)
    Green Arrow no. 25 (2016 Series)
    Harley Quinn no. 22 (2016 Series)
    I Hate Fairyland no. 13 (2015 Series) (MR)
    Iceman no. 2 (2017 Series)
    Injustice 2 no. 4 (2017 Series)
    Justice League no. 23 (2016 Series)
    Plastic no. 3 (3 of 5) (2017 Series) (MR)
    Royals no. 4 (2017 Series)
    Star Wars: Darth Maul no. 4 (4 of 5) (2017 Series)
    Super Sons no. 5 (2017 Series)
    Superman no. 25 (2016 Series)
    The Few no. 6 (2017 Series) (MR)
    Trinity no. 10 (2016 Series)
    X-Men: Gold no. 6 (2017 Series)

    Get them in the store or see them online here :

    Warhammer 8th Assemble, Paint and Demo Day @ GOB
    Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:50 AM
    Greetings Warhammer Fans,
    This Saturday June 24th between 1pm and 4pm GOB Retail will be hosting a Warhammer 8th edition, assemble, paint and demo day. Come join Eric in assembling your new 8th edition armies. Learn from other players or our resident Warhammer player, Eric, how best to go about assembling and painting your new Warhammer figures.

    Eric will be running impromptu demos on the new 8th edition rules as well. Drop on by and join the new Warhammer community at GOB.

    Oh, and we still have a healthy stock on all your 8th edition needs. Dark Imperium starter boxes, core rules, index books and more!

    Get them in the store or online local pickup here :

    GOB Retail - Michigan's Larges Game and Comic Store

    Hour of Devastation Pre-order PLUS : X2 Points and Up to $50 Magic Singles for FREE
    Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:22 AM
    Greetings Magic Fans,

    Hour of Devastation is rapidly approaching. This 184 card 2n set for the Amonkhet block releases Friday, July 14th. GOB is now opening up Pre-Orders on Hour of Devastation. We are accepting pre-orders on the following Hour of Devastation products

    --All Pre-Orders Earn Double Rewards Points--

    Booster Boxes of Hour of Devastation $143.64
    - Get up to $50 in Magic Singles with each box pre-ordered
    (now until June 25th, get $45 in singles with a box, or $50 per box on 2 boxes or more pre-ordered)
    (After June 25th you can still get $40 in singles with a box, or $45 per box with 2 or more boxes)
    - The Hour of Devastation Buy a Box Promo Card
    - Double GOB Rewards Points
    - Guarantee your booster boxes on release day

    Sealed Bundles of Hour of Devastation $44.99
    - Get Double GOB Rewards Points
    - Guarantee your Sealed Bundle on release day

    Both Nissa and Nicol Bolas Planeswalker Decks for Hour of Devastation $29.98
    - Get Double GOB Rewards Points
    - Get $3 in Magic Singles per set of Planeswalker Decks you pre-order.
    - Guarantee your Planeswalker Decks for release day.

    Hour of Devastation Pre-order PLUS is available both in the store and online :

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