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Citadel Contrast Paint: Apothecary White 29-34 Citadel Contrast Paint: Apothecary White 29-34
Citadel Contrast Paint: Apothecary White 29-34

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    Base, shade and highlight in one coat with Contrast paints. Contrastr paints give you a cleanly shaded paint in moments, and are perfect if you’re looking for an easy way to tackle difficult-to-paint colours. There’s a Contrast paint for pretty much anything from flesh to skulls, non-metallic metals to tinted whites. Contrast is an incredibly powerful paint range. It is recomme

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    Citadel: Lothern Blue (5)
    Citadel: Moot Green 22-24 (6)
    Citadel: Nurgles Rot 27-09 (6)
    Citadel: Ogryn Camo (6)
    Citadel: Runefang Steel (6)
    Citadel: Waystone Green 27-14 (6)
    Citadel: Wazdakka Red (5)
    Citadel Base Paint: Barak-Nar Burgundy 21-49 (5)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Guilliman Flesh 29-32 (4)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Leviadon Blue 29-17 (6)
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    Citadel: Averland Sunset (12ml) 21-01 (3)
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    Citadel: Nighthaunt Gloom 27-19 (4)
    Citadel: White Scar (5)
    Citadel Base Paint: Deathguard Green 21-37 (5)
    Citadel Base Paint: Iron Warriors 21-48 (0)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Black Templar 29-38 (1)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Blood Angels Red 29-12 (0)
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    Citadel: Mephiston Red (0)
    Citadel: Necron Compound 23-13 (3)
    Citadel: Temple Guard Blue (4)
    Citadel: Wraithbone Spray Paint 62-33 (2)
    Citadel: Chaos Black Spray Paint 62-27 (0)
    Citadel: Painting Mat 66-14 (1)
    Citadel Base Paint: Thousand Sons Blue 21-36 (1)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Gore-Grunta Fur 29-28 (5)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Shyish Purple 29-15 (3)
    Citadel Technical Paint: Contrast Medium 27-33 (2)
    Citadel: Baneblade Brown 22-48 (5)
    Citadel: Cadian Fleshstone 22-36 (5)
    Citadel: Doombull Brown (6)
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    Citadel: Hellion Green (4)
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    Citadel: Terminatus Stone (5)
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    Citadel: Ulthuan Grey (3)
    Citadel: Zandri Dust (4)
    Citadel: Corax White Spray Paint 62-28 (0)
    Citadel: Hoeth Blue (2)
    Citadel Base Paint: Grey Seer 21-54 (2)
    Citadel Base Paint: Wraithbone 21-53 (0)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Aethermatic Blue 29-41 (3)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Basilicanum Grey 29-37 (2)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Flesh Tearers Red 29-13 (1)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Volupus Pink 29-14 (4)
    Citadel Shade: Carroburg Crimson 24-13 (1)
    Citadel Shade: Fuegan Orange 24-20 (4)
    Citadel Technical Paint: Astrogranite Debris 27-31 (1)
    Citadel Technical Paint: Lahmian Medium 27-02 (0)
    Citadel Technical Paint: Stirland Battlemire 27-27 (6)
    Citadel Technical Paint: Stirland Mud 27-26 (4)
    Citadel Technical Paint: Stormshield 27-34 (6)
    Citadel Technical Paint: Valhallan Blizzard 27-32 (2)
    Citadel: Biel-Tan Green (5)
    Citadel: Dawnstone (dry) 23-29 (5)
    Citadel: Fire Dragon Bright (3)
    Citadel: Ironbreaker (0)
    Citadel: Jokaero Orange (5)
    Citadel: Kabalite Green (6)
    Citadel: Kantor Blue (3)
    Citadel: Mechanicus Standard Grey (2)
    Citadel: Reikland Fleshshade 24-24 (0)
    Citadel: Skink Blue (5)
    Citadel: Soulstone Blue 27-13 (4)
    Citadel: Squig Orange (5)
    Citadel: Steel Legion Drab (5)
    Citadel: Straken Green (4)
    Citadel: Sybarite Green (5)
    Citadel: Tau Light Ochre (4)
    Citadel: the Fang (4)
    Citadel: Troll Slayer Orange (1)
    Citadel: Ushabti Bone 22-32 (2)
    Citadel: Warboss Green 22-25 (2)
    Citadel: Warplock Bronze (1)
    Citadel: Painting Handle (Mk2) 66-09 (0)
    Warhammer: Age of Sigmar: Paints and Tools 80-17-60 (0)
    Citadel: Dryad Bark (4)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Gryph-charger Grey 29-35 (4)
    Citadel: Flayed One Flesh 22-72 (3)
    Citadel: Khorne Red (0)
    Citadel: Macragge Blue 21-08 (3)
    Citadel: Nihilakh Oxide 27-06 (0)
    Citadel: Balor Brown (5)
    Citadel: Canoptek Alloy Layer (1)
    Citadel: Fenrisian Grey 22-68 (1)
    Citadel: Typhus Corrosion 27-10 (3)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Gryph-Hound Orange 29-11 (1)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Militarum Green 29-24 (4)
    Citadel: Skarsnik Green (9)
    Citadel: Pallid Wych Flesh (0)
    Citadel: Ungor Flesh (5)
    Citadel Technical Paint: Ardcoat 27-03 (3)
    Citadel: Astorath Red 23-17 (2)
    Citadel: Wild Rider Red (0)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Akhelian Green 29-19 (4)
    Citadel Shade: Druchii Violet 24-16 (0)
    Citadel: Liberator Gold 22-71 (3)
    Citadel: Stormfang 23-21 (5)
    Citadel: Waaagh Flesh 21-13 (1)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Ultramarines Blue 29-18 (3)
    Citadel: Sycorax Bronze (1)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Talassar Blue 29-39 (4)
    Citadel Layer Paint: Ahriman Blue 22-76 (2)
    Citadel: Alaitoc Blue 22-13 (4)
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    Citadel: Yriel Yellow (0)
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    Citadel: Nurgling Green (Dry Paint) 23-25 (5)
    Citadel: Russ Grey 22-67 (4)
    Citadel: Skavenblight Dinge (0)
    Citadel: Skrag Brown (2)
    Citadel: XV-88 (0)
    Citadel: Painting Handle 66-11 (0)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Fyreslayer Flesh 29-31 (2)
    Citadel: Rhinox Hide 21-22 (4)
    Citadel Shade Paint: Agrax Earthshade Gloss 24-26 (0)
    Citadel: Seraphim Sepia 24-23 (0)
    Citadel: Stegadon Scale Green (3)
    Citadel Layer Paint: Knight-Questor Flesh 22-93 (3)
    Citadel: Agrellan Badland 26-17 (0)
    Citadel Layer Paint: Fulgurite Copper 22-74 (3)
    Citadel: Gorthor Brown (1)
    Citadel: Pink Horror 22-69 (5)
    Citadel: Teclis Blue (1)
    Citadel Shade: Coelia Greenshade 24-06 (2)
    Citadel: Loren Forest (4)
    Citadel: Xereus Purple (1)
    Citadel Shade Paint: Reikland Fleshshade Gloss 24-27 (2)
    Citadel: Golden Griffon 23-14 (6)
    Citadel: Screaming Bell 21-30 (0)
    Citadel: Zamesi Desert (4)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Magos Purple 29-16 (2)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Dark Angels Green 29-20 (1)
    Warhammer 40K: Essentials Paint Set 60-12-13 (0)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Wyldwood 29-30 (3)
    Citadel: Runelord Brass Base 21-55 (6)
    Citadel: Sylvaneth Bark 23-28 (4)
    Citadel: Athonian Camoshade (2)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Terradon Turquoise 29-43 (3)
    Citadel: Altdorf Guard Blue (0)
    Citadel: Base: Ionrach Skin 21-38 (4)
    Citadel: Tuskgor Fur (3)
    Citadel: Elysian Green (4)
    Citadel: Tallarn Sand (1)
    Citadel: Base Paint Set 60-22 (0)
    Citadel Base Paint: Ratskin Flesh 21-19 (3)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Warp Lightning 29-40 (2)
    Citadel Layer Paint: Bestigor Flesh 22-38 (2)
    Citadel Layer Paint: Bloodreaver Flesh 22-92 (1)
    Citadel: Eldar Flesh (4)
    Citadel: Rakarth Flesh (1)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Creed Camo 29-23 (5)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Darkoath Flesh 29-33 (1)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Nazdreg Yellow 29-21 (2)
    Citadel: Stormvermin Fur (1)
    Citadel: Shade Paint Set 60-23 (0)
    Citadel: Golgfag Brown 23-26 (6)
    Citadel: Sigmarite 23-30 (5)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Space Wolves Grey 29-36 (1)
    Citadel: Lucius Lilac (1)
    Citadel: Praxeti White (0)
    Citadel: Runelord Brass 22-66 (0)
    Citadel: Essentials Set 60-41-13 (0)
    Citadel: Hashut Copper (0)
    Citadel: Deathclaw Brown (1)
    Citadel Shade: Casandora Yellow 24-01 (0)
    Citadel: Wrack White 23-22 (1)
    Citadel: Ryza Rust 23-16 (9)
    Playmat: Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons: Answered Prayers 18090 (0)
    Citadel: Etherium Blue (2)
    Citadel: Layer: Deepkin Flesh 22-77 (1)
    Citadel Layer Paint: Skullcrusher Brass 22-73 (2)
    Citadel Contrast Paint: Aggaros Dunes 29-25 (0)
    Citadel: Tyrant Skull (1)
    Playmat: Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons: Sword of Sinew and Steel 18089 (0)
    Citadel: Ceramite White (0)
    Citadel: Longbeard Grey (1)
    Citadel: Waywatcher Green 25-04 (0)
    Citadel: Death Guard Paint Set 60-27 (0)
    Citadel: Martian Ironcrust (1)
    Citadel: Martian Ironearth 26-15 (0)
    Citadel: Guilliman Blue 25-03 (0)
    Citadel: Water Pot 60-07 (0)
    Citadel: Stirland Mud 26-08 (0)
    Citadel: Bloodletter 25-02 (0)
    Citadel: Ardcoat 27-03 - Discontinued (0)
    Citadel: Blackfire Earth 26-05 (0)
    Citadel: Lustrian Undergrowth 26-03 (0)
    Citadel: Agrellan Earth 26-16 (0)
    Citadel: Chronus Blue 23-19 (2)
    Citadel: Hoeth Blue 23-18 (Dry Brush) (3)
    Citadel: Imperial Primer 27-01 (0)
    Citadel: Imrik Blue 23-20 (2)
    Citadel: Kindleflame (0)
    Citadel: Underhive Ash (3)
    Citadel: Verminlord Hide 23-27 (1)

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