Selling your Magic Bulk Collections

Do you have a lot of Magic cards to sell? Don't have time or specific valuable cards you want to sell to us as singles? No problem. We take unsorted collections and offer a per card bulk rate for the whole collection. We can review a collection quickly and have you out the door in just a few minutes. Here are a few quick things to know.

1) We will take all Magic cards from all sets and all periods.

2) These should be general collections. A mix of cards typically found in a players collection, including commons, uncommons and rares. A highly sifted through collection without rares and only the most useless of other cards we would have to decline.

3) Basic land cards are ok, within limits. Maybe 1 in 12-15 cards at most though.

4) Cards have to be playable. Your cards can be old. They can be warn and well played. But they can't be water damaged, have mildew, etc.

5) You don't need to count them. We can quickly measure against storage boxes to arrive at fairly accurat estimates. Hand counting thousands of cards would be an act of insanity.

6) We can not accept cards that are written on, proxy cards, counterfeit cards or the advertising cards. Collections with much of any of these would have to be declined.


If you are not really sure what all that gooblygook is that you just read above but have a bunch of cards, feel free to bring them in and our associates can quickly review what you have to see if we can take them

We offer both instant CASH and STORE CREDIT options for your cards.

Standard Rate is :

   - $.75 per 100 cards for Cash
   - $.90 per 100 cards for Store Credit

Collections with too few rares or uncommons we might accept, but at a slightly lower rate of :

   - $.50 per 100 cards for Cash
   - $.60 per 100 cards for Store Credit

Bring your cards to:

GOB Retail Games and Comics
775 E. 14 Mile Rd
Clawson, MI 48017

Sorry, we can not evaluate or estimate the potential suitability of, or value a bulk collection via phone or e-mail. Thanks.