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The Guild also offers a host of publisher related services in addition to our POD printing. We can offer you graphic design, web design, publishing consulting and custom applications computer programing. We also offer Retail and Wholesale programs for publishers... Read More.

GOB POD, Master Distribution Program

Current Master Distribution Program participants: Login Here

The Guild of Blades Retail Group's Master Distribution Program is nearly identical to our Wholesale Program in that we represent your products for sale. This time to other distribution companies. We pay to print the products. Distributors begin with a base discount (off of your Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) of 50% off and for each product sold you begin with a base commission of 20% of the MSRP. For an expanded description of how this program works, follow the link above to our Wholesale Program. We'll simply discuss the differences betweeen the Master Distribution Program and our Wholesale Program.

Our wholesale program is where we sell your products to a retail account. Most typically giving the retailer a 48% discount, but that discount may vary from product to product depending on the price structures on a given product. We print the products as needed and fill orders. For each product sold you earn a 20% commission on those sales.

Our Master Distribution Program works nearly identical, only it represents sales of your product to distribution companies. We pay to print the product as needed to fill orders. We begin by offering a base discount to those distribution companies of 50% off and once again pay you a base commission of 20% of MSRP for each sale. Only under this program, we give our POD clients the flexibility to adjust the discount they are willing to offer to other distributors (as a 50% discount is traditionally considered extremely low for a distributor). A client may opt to trade in some of their "commission" percentage points 1 for 1 for extra discount percentage points offered to the distributors. Hence, if for a particular product, a publisher were to opt to get a 10% commission, they could give the 10% they are giving up to the distributors allowing the distributors to buy their products from us at a 60% discount. This gives each of our publishers, on a product by product basis, the flexibility to balance their commissions on product sales to other distributors vs the discount offered to those distributors.

Participation in our Master Distribution Program is optional, as is participation in our Retail and Wholesale Programs. This is a service we offer to Guild of Blades Retail Group POD customers as a means to assist in their ability to bring product into wholesale channels to help sell more product. A POD client need not participate in any of our programs to simply have books or card games printed through us. You need not be a GOB POD printing client to discuss the possibility of us representing your products under this program or any of the other programs we offer, though to be frank, additional consideration is given to our POD clients for a whole variety of reasons. Our Retail, Wholesale and Master Distribution programs are entirely non exclusive and in no way limit the other means in which the product may be represented, distributed or sold.

Give us a call at 248-430-4980 to discuss enrolling your products today.

Also join our Yahoo Groups dedicated to our POD printing at:

The Guild of Blades Retail Group reserves the right to refuse entry to any product into our Master Distribution Program on a product by product basis. Reasons for non representation may be many and is not necessarily a remark on the product itself. For POD products, we can only represent those products that have a common sense manufacturing cost vs MSRP. For other products, many factors will be considered, from the theme or position the manufacturer holds within the industry and the level of distribution service they already recieve from the industry, to type of product, cost on the product, terms offered, whether they compliment our existing catalog of products, etc, etc.

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